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Private lessons are available for both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Kru Albert Malatamban started his martial arts training in 1972, learning Shotokan Karate and earning the rank of Nidan from Sensei Abe Belardo in Delano, Ca. While serving in the US Marines (1978-1990) he started learning Muay Thai. He's been practicing ever since.

In 1998, began his coaching career, training fighters out of SLO Kickboxing, owned by UFC Champion Chuck Liddell, in San Luis Obispo, Ca. 2005 he started training fighters out of The Budo Ryu, also in San Luis Obispo.

2009 after a year long break from teaching Muay Thai, Kru Albert was given the opportunity to run his own Muay Thai program through Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, also in SLO. Since then he has trained fighters as "Elite Muay Thai Academy".

Ajarn Rex and Kru Nokweed Syrimpai, 2 of top Muay Thai referees in the US starting refering to Albert as "Kru", which means "teacher" in Thai. This is because of his teaching and passing down not just the art but, also the history and tradtions of Thai Boxing. Ajarn (which means "master" in Thai) Rex is one of the highest ranked Muay Thai Teacher/Instructors in the US.

Kru Albert has produced several #1 ranked and top 10 fighters for the IKF. Also, trained a North American Champion for the UWMTA, a IAMTF Women's California Champion and 2 Thai Boxing Inc Regional Champions.