235 Tank Farm Road Unit J - San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401

Ph. 805 534 4157 email: skipkick@gmail.com

Private lessons are available for both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

To become an Elite Muay Thai fight team member, each individuals must exibit and posses the traits of the gym's motto: TRADITION-HONOR-SPIRIT-DISCIPLINE! Each team member has earned thier place on the team. Putting in the hours of Muay Thai pad work, bag work, drills, conditioning, and sparring. And most of all, learning the history and art of Muay Thai! Each team member is required to display professionalism, humility and dedication to the art of Thai Boxing.

Kru Albert has each potential team member submit an essay on why they want to fight! The following team members have earned thier place among the "Elite". We extend the offer to you. Are you "ELITE"?



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Irene Tosta 122lbs-Colleen Saylor 125lbs-Julia Perez 125lbs-Bogdan Guschin 159lbs-Dominic Catayas 165lbs-Greg Espinosa 145lbs-Esperanza Blanco 117lbs-John Murphy 165lbs-Taylor Odenwald 165lbs-Sonny "Sunshine" Gerber 195lbs-Morgan Diaz 153lbs

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